The Muny Announces 106th Summer Season - The Muny (2024)

ST. LOUIS (November 1, 2023)– The Muny announced today the exceptional seven show lineup for its 106th Season. The season, bursting with premieres, comedies, romance and magic, opens June 17, 2024 and runs through August 25, 2024.

The season kicks off with one of the most celebrated mega-musicals in Broadway history,Les Misérables(June 17 – 23); followed by the showstoppingDreamgirls(June 27 – July 3); magical Muny favorite,Disney’sThe Little Mermaid(July 8 – 16);Fiddler on the Roof(July 19 – 25), and the Regional and Muny premiere of Sara Bareilles’Waitress(July 30 – August 5). Also making its Muny premiere is Lin-Manuel Miranda’sIn the Heights(August 9 – 15); and the grand finale of the season is the long-awaited return of the tap-dancing comedy, Cole Porter’sAnything Goes(August 19 – 25).

The Muny Announces 106th Summer Season - The Muny (1)

I am beyond excited about our 2024 season line up,” said Kwofe Coleman, Muny President and CEO. “The opportunity to celebrate community, share memories and create opportunity through these seven shows is an incredible gift that I can’t wait to share with our audiences next summer.

“Following our epic and powerful 105thseason, Muny 106 promises to be equally big, bold and exciting,” said Muny Artistic Director and Executive Producer Mike Isaacson. “It offers something for everyone, with a glorious selection of new and classics, as well as stories that will move and entertain.”

Les Misérables

June 17 – 23, 2024

Les Misérablesreturns to The Muny to make glorious history again. Based on Victor Hugo’s novel, with its extraordinary score and epic stagecraft, this powerful and moving story of love, passion, sacrifice and redemption will move you to your core. One of the most celebrated mega-musicals in Broadway history, it remains the world’s longest running and most popular musical. 





June 27 – July 3, 2024

The smash hit Broadway musical that became an Oscar-nominated film,Dreamgirlstakes its audience through the thrilling and invigorating changes in American pop music that exploded in the 1960s. Follow the moving and inspirational tale of an all-girl singing trio from Chicago that rises from obscurity to superstardom. As they ascend to their dreams, they must question the price of their success and the meaning of their own family.

Book and Lyrics by TOM EYEN 

Disney’sThe Little Mermaid

July 8 – 16, 2024

One of the most beloved, happy and fanciful family musicals in the past 20 years returns to enchant children of all ages! Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s magical musical tells the story of young Ariel who yearns to leave her underwater life and be “part of your world.” Glorious songs and enchanting Muny magic await as we go “under the sea.”



Fiddler on the Roof

July 19 – 25, 2024

Often considered one of the top five greatest musicals ever,Fiddler on the Roofreturns to The Muny for its 11th production. This multi award-winning show tells the tale of Tevye the milkman, who, in 1905, thrives in the traditions of his town of Anatevka. As his daughters question these traditions and the world changes ominously around him, Tevye is challenged to find a new way to learn and to love.Fiddler on the Roof has one of the most memorable and iconic scores ever written for Broadway.  

Music by JERRY BOCK 



July 30 – August 5, 2024

The Muny is proud to produce the U.S. premiere of the smash Broadway and London hitWaitress. Featuring extraordinary music and lyrics by Grammy Award® winner Sara Bareilles, Waitress promises to be a little slice of Muny heaven! The story of Jenna, a waitress and expert pie-maker who dreams of a way out of her small town and rocky marriage, will move, uplift and inspire. Join us in celebrating friendship, motherhood and the magic of a well-made pie. 

Music and Lyrics by SARA BAREILLES 


In the Heights

August 9 – 15, 2024

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s joyous and electric Tony Award-winning musical makes its long-awaited Muny debut! Lush with songs that will fill your heart,In the Heightsshares the story of Usnavi as he dreams of moving from the neighborhood and friends who have given him his story. Filled with thrilling choreography and fantastic songs, you will be swept away by this powerful and beautiful show.

Music and Lyrics by LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA 


Anything Goes

August 19 - 25, 2024

This hilarious musical tap-dancing romp across the sea makes its Muny return after 25 years! When the S.S. American sets sail, etiquette and convention head out the portholes as two unlikely pairs set off on the course to true love. Come aboard for good old-fashioned fun featuring Cole Porter's joyful score, including "I Get a Kick Out of You", "You're the Top" and the show stopping "Anything Goes.” 

Music and Lyrics by COLE PORTER

The Muny’s 2024 Season includesLes Misérables(June 17 – 23),Dreamgirls(June 27 – July 3), Disney’sThe Little Mermaid(July 8 – 16),Fiddler on the Roof(July 19 – 25),Waitress(July 30 – August 5),In the Heights(August 9 – 15) andAnything Goes(August 19 – 25).

Season ticket renewals begin in November with new subscriptions on sale in March 2024. Single show tickets will go on sale in May. Muny gift cards for the 106th season are available online and at The Muny Box Office. For more information, visit or call (314) 361-1900.

Information about auditions for the 2024 Muny season can be found at

The Muny’s mission is to enrich lives by producing exceptional musical theatre,

accessible to all, while continuing its remarkable tradition in Forest Park.

As the nation’s largest outdoor musical theatre, The Muny produces seven world-class musicals and welcomes over 350,000 theatregoers each summer. Now celebrating 106 seasons in St. Louis, The Muny remains one of the premier institutions in musical theatre.

The Muny Announces 106th Summer Season - The Muny (2024)


What celebrities have performed at The Muny? ›

The Mint has hosted a myriad of performers since 1937. Many music greats have not only played here, but broke here. Stevie Wonder, Willie Dixon, Natalie Cole, Ray Charles, Leo Nocentelli, Herbie Hanco*ck, and more have graced our seasoned stage.

What is the largest outdoor theater in the United States? ›

America's oldest and largest outdoor musical theater, The Muny has presented Broadway productions with top performers every summer for more than 105 seasons. From June through August, this is an essential stop in St. Louis' Forest Park. General ticket information is available at

What does The Muny stand for? ›

On June 5, 1917, the opera Aida was presented on what would become the Muny stage. In 1919, the new theatre received a name: St. Louis Municipal Opera Theatre, or "The Muny" for short.

How many seats does The Muny have? ›

What celebrities performed at the Muny? ›

What do Cary Grant, Carol Burnett, Sarah Jessica Parker, Florence Henderson, Leslie Uggams, Bob Hope, Rock Hudson, Betty White, Gene Kelly, Bernadette Peters, Joel Grey, Angela Lansbury, Debbie Reynolds and Joe Namath have in common? They and countless other stars have all performed at the the Muny in St.

Is the Muny the largest outdoor theater? ›

The Muny - America's Oldest and Largest Outdoor Musical Theatre.

Do Muny actors get paid? ›


All performers are signed to an Equity MSUA contract and are eligible for full membership. Contract/salary: MSUA Contract. 2024 minimum is $1,262 per week.

What do you wear to The Muny? ›

The Muny is a casual theatre. St. Louis summers can be quite hot, so we recommend light, loose-fitting clothing.

What is The Muny lineup for 2024? ›

The Muny's 2024 Season includes Les Misérables (June 17 – 23), Dreamgirls (June 27 – July 3), Disney's The Little Mermaid (July 8 – 16), Fiddler on the Roof (July 19 – 25), Waitress (July 30 – August 5), In the Heights (August 9 – 15) and Anything Goes (August 19 – 25).

Can you take food into The Muny? ›

Bring a Picnic

You'll find tables on our grounds, where you can enjoy a basket of your favorite snacks and beverages. Outside food and soft-sided coolers are OK, but some items can't be brought into the theatre.

How old is The Muny? ›

How many seats does Shubert have? ›

The Shubert Theatre has 1,502 seats and is one of the Shubert Organization's 17 Broadway theatres.

What shows were at The Muny in 2013? ›

The seven shows are Les Misérables, Mary Poppins, Nunsense, Shrek—The Musical, South Pacific, Monty Python's Spamalot and West Side Story.

Who is in The Muny in the Heights cast? ›

  • BENJI SANTIAGO. Usnavi. Born in Puerto Rico, Benji is an actor/singer/dancer based in New York City. ...
  • ARIANA BURKS. Nina. ...
  • ALYSIA VELEZ. Vanessa. ...
  • NANCY TICOTIN. Abuela Claudia. ...
  • MIGUEL GIL. Sonny. ...
  • MARTÍN SOLÁ Kevin. ...
  • KARMINE ALERS. Camila.

What shows were on The Muny in 2014? ›

The seven shows include The Addams Family; Billy Elliott the Musical; Grease; Hello, Dolly!; The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess; Seussical the Musical; and Tarzan.

How many people does The Muny Theater hold? ›

Tickets. + Where will I sit for the performance? The Muny has approximately 10,800 flip-down, stadium-style seats. The last nine rows of the theatre (1,456 seats) are available for free, on a first-come, first-served basis.


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