Vladislava Shelygina - Model, Influencer, and Pole Dancer - Fashion Republic Magazine (2024)

Vladislava Shelygina – Model, Influencer, and Pole Dancer

Vladislava Shelygina is an influential social media influencer & model who boasts millions of followers across different social platforms. Additionally, she also generates revenue via her Only Fans account where she offers exclusive content for paid subscribers.

She was born in Monchegorsk, Russia before migrating with her family to Finland where she is currently studying. She speaks Russian and English fluently while learning Finnish.

Vladislava Shelygina’s Life

Vladislava Shelygina is a young and gifted model, adult star, and social media influencer. She has achieved great success at such an early age and her stunning photos have won over millions of fans all around the globe. Additionally, she’s highly active on Instagram and Twitter where she interacts with her followers regularly.

She is an authentic beauty who has never undergone cosmetic surgery, instead opting for exercise and healthy food as daily practices. Additionally, she enjoys popular video games such as The Witcher 3, World of Warcraft (WoW), Dying Light (7 Days to Die), and 7 Days to Die; in addition, she owns her pet cat Musya who she considers her child.

The young star has garnered immense fame with her pole dancing videos and photos on Instagram, modeling for various brands, and her website and Patreon page where she provides premium content to subscribers who pay to access it. She has collaborated with leading fashion companies as well as featured in multiple digital magazines and newspapers worldwide.

She currently resides with her family in Finland and studies there, where several of her Instagram posts have become viral and she boasts a sizable fan base on both social media channels – especially Instagram and Twitter.

She exudes beauty and charm that draws in followers. As an expert multilingual speaker who fluently speaks English, Russian, and Finnish; fitness fanatic who practices yoga and light gym exercises daily; pole dance expert that often shares her skills on her social media accounts; talented singer with an outstanding vocal range – she has earned many admirers!

Vladislava Shelygina‘s Social Media

Vladislava Shelygina is an effervescent social media influencer known for her pole-dancing videos and photos on Instagram. Born February 8 in Monchegorsk, Russia, and moved to Pori Finland at 18 when schooling finished up there; after finishing her schooling she started posting images to Instagram; these stunning poses earned her millions of followers and numerous brand endorsem*nts as well as access via Only Fans where paid subscribers could subscribe for content from her.

Shelygina is an attractive young woman with light skin and hair and an athletic, slim frame. To stay in good health she practices daily yoga sessions to strengthen and supple her muscles – and keeps looking stunning without opting for cosmetic surgery! With such an aesthetically pleasing face it’s hard to look away when she smiles!

Shelygina has long been beloved on the Internet due to her cheerful disposition and charming personality, making her one of its most-viewed Internet personalities. Shelygina’s close bond with her family means that she usually celebrates birthdays together; she follows Christianity, has an affinity for animals, is an avid cook (specializing in different cuisines), talented artist (having learned embroidery as well), and loves playing video games such as The Witcher 3, World of Warcraft (WoW), Dying Light (7 Days to Die), as well as many others!

Shelygina has kept her personal life private and doesn’t often open up about her family on social media, although her facial features resemble those of both her mother and grandmother. However, Shelygina remains close to both of them and often posts photos featuring both of them on her Instagram account.

Vladislava Shelygina’s Hight and Weight

Vladislava Shelygina is a Russian model, social media influencer, and Tiktok star who has garnered fame due to her alluring beauty and charming persona. Additionally, she enjoys pole dancing and has amassed an extensive following across Instagram and Twitter; she promotes several brands while making significant amounts of money through her work as an active pole dancer and promoter of several brands; in return, she promotes numerous brands with profitable campaigns as a talented model who understands photography and art and enjoys posting hot images of herself on her work platforms!

She was born on 8 February 2001 in Monchegorsk, Russia, and is now 21 years old. She possesses a stunning body with long red- and light-brown colored locks that shine with each movement of the wind. At 5 feet 4 inches, she stands 5 feet 4 inches while she weighs 52 kg – boasting big eyes with bright features; Aquarius being her zodiac sign!

As soon as she began modeling at such an early age, she quickly gained popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She frequently posts bold and provocative photos of herself to both platforms while she also hosts her premium content with paid subscribers on Patreon.

Vladislava Shelygina combines modeling with active dancing and extensive knowledge of photography and arts. To keep herself healthy, she practices yoga regularly as well as engaging in regular workouts at the gym, and practices daily yoga routines. Additionally, her diet consists of mostly vegetables and fruits and she frequently pets her cat while spending time with family members and friends.

Although she is widely respected and highly attractive, she remains very humble. Always eager to help those in need in any way possible, she enjoys engaging with her followers and listening attentively when they express queries or complaints. A truly exceptional individual with many admirers around the globe.

Vladislava Shelygina‘s Modeling Career

Vladislava Shelygina is an international model, social media influencer, and dancer born February 8, 2001, in Monchegorsk, Russia who currently resides in Finland. She’s famous for sharing beauty content on Instagram reels along with motivational captions to garner followers – she boasts over 48,000 on official channels alone!

She began her career modeling and has promoted multiple brands’ products over time. She currently boasts one million followers on both Instagram and Twitter and a considerable income through these outlets and the OnlyFans account.

She enjoys playing computer games such as the Witcher game series in her free time and embroidery work. Additionally, she practices stretching every morning which helps maintain flexibility within her body; enjoys cooking (regularly posting food pictures to Instagram); owns a pet cat; and spends most of her time with family.

Shelygina hasn’t shared too much about her personal life but is currently in a relationship with Ilya Rayta. Shelygina is known to be quite fitness orientated; never missing gym sessions or eating healthy. Additionally, she dedicates much time and energy to dancers and pole performers as well as pole dancing. Additionally, Shelygina possesses vast knowledge about various subjects while being an excellent painter – not to mention being a charming woman with an endearing personality who will no doubt reach great success in future years! Shelygina certainly has a bright future ahead and looks set to achieve great things!

Vladislava Shelygina’s Premium Content

Vladislava Shelygina has amassed considerable wealth through her social media platforms – both fans-only accounts and those where she uploads premium content – earning money through promotions, sponsorships, paid promotions, and paid promotions as well as paid promotions and sponsorships – living a luxurious lifestyle in doing so.

Although little information has been revealed regarding her early life or family background, she follows Christianity. Additionally, she possesses various extraordinary talents like cooking, photography, and embroidery – while keeping up her stunning body with regular workout sessions at the gym.

Vladislava Shelygina - Model, Influencer, and Pole Dancer - Fashion Republic Magazine (2024)


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